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Free University of Bolzano - Faculty of Computer Science

In the academic year 2001/2002 the Faculty of Computer Science, the third faculty at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, began its teaching and research activities. With this step the University includes, amongst its courses and areas of research, a field of study that in these recent years has made rapid advances, becoming indispensable in many spheres of our modern daily life.

With this new educational venture the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano is making a decisive contribution to the competitiveness and strength of South Tyrol's economy.

Together with a grounding in the foundations and core subjects of computer science, the application-oriented aspects of computer technology are in the foreground. The fact that the teaching will be mostly in English gives Bozen-Bolzano, the university's principal location, a highly competitive edge.

In addition to its application-oriented focus, the Faculty of Computer Science is also developing its research arm. This research, which is carried out in collaboration with the local economy and other local institutions, is intended to provide a professional IT centre which is able to attract international experts in their field, thereby injecting world-class know-how into the region's fledgling IT economy.