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European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano

The Europäische Akademie Bozen/Accademia Europea Bolzano (EURAC) was established in 1992 as a private non-profit organisation on the initiative of the Government of the Province of South Tyrol, Italy, as an institute for advanced research and further education.

South Tyrol occupies a unique position as the geographical meeting point of the numerous cultural nuances and linguistic backgrounds of German, Italian and Ladin. This particular environment is heavily reflected within the research and consultancy work as carried out by EURAC itself. The several diverse qualities of the region are significantly enriched through extensive national and international exchange of knowledge and experiences as achieved by EURAC's participation in not only several EU funded projects, but also numerous multi- and international research activities. EURAC's main activities are in the extensive fields of

The institution also acts as co-ordination centre for the development of higher educational structures in South Tyrol itself. EURAC also provided assistance in not only the process of establishment of the Free University of Bolzano, but also that of two other institutions, the Academy for Design and the Academy for Tourism, the latter remaining under the administration of EURAC.

Alongside this, the new EURAC Convention Center serves as a luxurious, convenient and technically advanced venue for seminars, meetings and conferences.