How to search for documents

About 40% of the documents available in MIRIS are stored in a keyword index available for full text searching. Finding these documents is as easy as using the search form:

To perform a simple search just insert a word into the Search for field and click the Search button.

For a more complex search you can enter a few words together. In that case, you need to consider the Match field as well. The Match option tells the search software how to handle the words you entered.
It will

  • find documents that contain all the words (All),
  • find documents that contain any of the words (Any),
  • find documents that contain the words in exactly the given order (Full phrase) or
  • use special operators + and - (Boolean).

When the boolean match option is used, each word you are looking for should be prefixed with a + or - sign. This will tell the search software to consider only documents that do contain the + words and do not contain the - words.

Here are some examples for the boolean match option:

search words results
+minority +academia
+minority -academia
-minority +academia
pages that contain both words, "minority" as well as "academia"
pages that contain the word "minority", but not the word "academia"
pages that contain the word "academia", but not the word "minority"

Understanding search results

For each document you find, the title, a short text sample, as well as type and size of the document is indicated. Click on the document title to open/download the document.

Completing your results

As stated earlier, for technical reasons not all documents stored in MIRIS are available for full text searching, you might want to try browsing the database by topics to access the complete directory.

We are aware of technical problems with non-western character sets. Again, you might prefer browsing the database to look for those documents.