Resolution ResCMN(2005)7
on the implementation of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities

by Liechtenstein

(Adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 7 December 2005
at the 950th meeting of the Ministers' Deputies)

The Committee of Ministers, under the terms of Articles 24 to 26 of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities (hereinafter referred to as “the Framework Convention”);

Having regard to Resolution (97) 10 of 17 September 1997 setting out rules adopted by the Committee of Ministers on the monitoring arrangements under Articles 24 to 26 of the Framework Convention;

Having regard to the voting rule adopted in the context of adopting Resolution (97) 10;1

Having regard to the instrument of ratification submitted by Liechtenstein on 18 November 1997;

Recalling that the Government of Liechtenstein transmitted its state report in respect of the second monitoring cycle under the Framework Convention on 25 March 2004;

Having examined the Advisory Committee’s second opinion on Liechtenstein, adopted on 1 October 2004, and the written comments of the Government of Liechtenstein, received on 15 February 2005;

Having also taken note of comments by other governments,

1. Adopts the following conclusions in respect of Liechtenstein:

a) Positive developments



Liechtenstein has taken steps to improve the implementation of the Framework Convention following the adoption of the first opinion of the Advisory Committee in November 2000 and the Committee of Ministers' resolution in November 2001. New initiatives have been launched, including the creation of the Office for the Equality of Opportunities.

As was recognised in the first monitoring cycle, there is however only limited potential for application of a number of provisions of the Framework Convention in Liechtenstein.

b) Issues of concern

It is important that the authorities continue their efforts to strengthen the prevention of and the protection against discrimination, in particular, in relation to non-nationals who do not share the language, culture or religion of the majority population.

2. Adopts the following recommendations in respect of Liechtenstein:

In addition to the measures to be taken to implement the detailed recommendations contained in sections I and II of the opinion of the Advisory Committee, the authorities are invited to take the following measures to improve further the implementation of the Framework Convention:

Continue working toward full implementation of the 2003 National Action Plan against racism and intolerance and regularly assess the impact of the measures taken, including through the gathering of relevant data.


 1 In the context of adopting Resolution (97) 10 on 17 September 1997, the Committee of Ministers also adopted the following rule: “Decisions pursuant to Articles 24.1 and 25.2 of the Framework Convention shall be considered to be adopted if two-thirds of the representatives of the Contracting Parties cast a vote, including a majority of the representatives of the Contracting Parties entitled to sit on the Committee of Ministers, vote in favour.”