Proposal for the adoption of a Law for establishing State University in Tetovo with a Draft Law


  1. Constitutional basis

Constitutional basis for the adoption of the Law is Article 46, paragraph 2 and Article 68, paragraph 1 line 2 of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia.


  1. Reasons for adopting the Law

One of the  basic reasons for the adoption of a Law for establishing a State University in Tetovo is the need for creating  normative and legal basis for better access of the Albanian and the other ethnic communities in the higher education. The adoption of this law also comes as a result of the commitments set forth in the Framework agreement.


  1. Basic principles

The Law that is being proposed is based on the same principles upon which the Law on Higher education is based.


  1. Contents of the Law

The contents of the Law is given in a form of a Draft Law


  1. Adoption of the Law in a speeded up procedure

Considering that the Law in question is neither complicated nor long, in accordance with Article 152 of the Rule book of the Republic of Macedonia, it is proposed that the Draft Law is discussed on the same session of the Parliament on which the Proposal for the adoption of a Law for establishing a State University in Tetovo will be discussed.






















Draft Law for establishment of a State University in Tetovo



Article 1


A State University shall be established in Tetovo (hereinafter: University), as a highest autonomous high-educational, scientific and arts institution composed of the following hi-educational institutions:



-         Faculty for Natural sciences and mathematics

-         Faculty for Arts and humanities

-         Economic Faculty

-         Law Faculty and

-         Centre for poly-technical studies, as high vocational school.



Article 2


The University has the capacity of legal entity.

The University shall have one account for the regular activities through which it has the budget finances on disposal, as well as one or several separate accounts, through which it has on disposal the finances realized through self financing activities, donations, and credits.

The main office of the University shall be in Tetovo.



Article 3


The preparations for the beginning with work of the University shall be done by the home committee.


The members of the home committee are appointed by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, upon a proposal given by the Minister that has the authority to conduct the works concerning the higher education.


The University shall start functioning immediately after the home committee finishes the procedure.


Article 4


The work of the University shall be financed from the budget of the Republic of Macedonia as well as other sources set fort in the Law.




Article 5


The students from the Tetovo University established as a citizens in initiative, shall transfer to this University in accordance with Article 198 of the Law on Higher Education ( Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia No. 64/2000 and 49/2003) and the Statute of the University.




Article 6


This Law shall enter in force on the eight day from the day of its announcement in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia.




































Government of the Republic of Macedonia


Ministry of Education and Science


Project: Establishment of a University in tetovo






  1. Legal basis for the establishment and the organizing of the University


  1. Current situation and future need for the education of staff


  1. Areas of studying with a description of the University study programmes.


  1. Provision of adequate premises and equipment for performance of high educational activity


  1. Sources of financing for conducting high educational activity


  1. Provision of necessary number teaching and associate staff for performance of high educational activity.



Annexes to the Project for the establishment of the University in Tetovo



1. Sale-purchase contract for immovable property No 03-73/1 from 29.07.1998


The contract is between Deari Shaban, Deari Menduh, Deari Jusug and Deari Rexhep on one side, and The Unuiversity of Tetotovo, represented by Fadil Sulejmani, Rector of the University, on the other.

The property in question is as follows:

Building site No 36 (189m2) Cadastre Parcel No. 6521/1, housing section VII.

Building site No 31 (184 m2) CP 6521/2, housing section VII

Building site No 35 (258 m2) CP No. 6521/1, housing section VII

Building site No 32 (170m2) CP 6521/2, housing section VII


Price: 160.200,00 DM


Housing section VII covers the industrial zone, Braka Miladinovci Street. Teteks factory and the Agricultural school are on one side of the area and the highway Tetovo –

Gostivar is on the other side.


The property is sold to the University of Tetovo together with the building permits, all of them for buildings with basement + ground floor + 2 floors + attic.


2. Contract on using the premises of Mala Recica Local community council, No 03-04/2003 from 02.06.2003 and No 03-109/1 from 02.06.2003


The contract is concluded between the Local Community v. Mala Recica, represented by the President of the Council Mr. Servet Ceka and the University of Tetovo, represented by the Rector, Prof. Dr. Nexhbedin Beadini.

The subject of the agreement is the use of the premises of the Local community council, namely three big classrooms (halls) and other premises, i.e. the whole facility as well as the subsidiary premises, which are going to be used by the University of Tetovo, Faculty of Art. The President of the council, considering the public character of the local community offers these premises to be used for the needs of the University of Tetovo. No financial benefits for the local community council are mentioned in the agreement. The agreement for the use of the local community council premises is concluded for a period of 10 years without a possibility for unilateral canceling of the agreement.


3. Sublet contract on using a sports hall No. 0306 – 16 from 20.02.2003 and No 03-12/1 from 04.03.2003


The contract is between TSC DOO (company with limited liability)  export –import, represented by its manager Mr. Zarko Stojanovski and Mr. Ajli Koleci, Dean of the Faculty of Physical education, Tetovo University. The subject of the contract is the sublet of a sports hall in the Tetovo Stoprts Centre for physical education classes. The rent for one class set forth in the contract is 300 denars for 20 classes in one week.


4. Contract for using the premises of the Public Health Organisation - Medical Centre Tetovo, No. 03 – 157/1 from 25.07.2003 and NoO3-1824 from 22.07.2003


The contract is between the Public Health Organization – Medical Centre Tetovo, represented by its director Dr. Shenesi Gafuri and the University of Tetvo, represented by the Rector, Prof. Nexhbedin Beadini.


Subject of this contract for using the premises of the Medical Centre Tetovo are 12 premises with a total of 520 m2. The Tetovo medical centre offers the aforementioned premises to the University of Tetovo and in return the TU offers to the medical centre its equipment with a value of 200.000 Euro. In accordance with the contract, the equipment shall be used by the students and by the medical centre and shall be given to the medical centre as compensation for the use of the premises.


This contract is concluded for a period of 10 years and can be unilaterally broken, upon a request by one of the contracting parties, with a prior notice of 3 months.


5. Review of the premises owned by the University and the way they have been used so far.


6. List of equipment


7. Tables for the needed funds and fiscal form