Social Democratic Party Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania


Agreement on co-operation between the Social Democratic Party and the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania in 2002


Considering the positive results of the co-operation between the Social Democratic Party and the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania in 2001, based on the agreement signed between the two political parties:


      Taking into account the beneficial effects of the SDP-DAHR co-operation in 2001 on the achievement of major objectives of the whole Romanian society;

      Expressing the opinion that maintaining political stability in our country bears a fundamental importance on accelerating the European and Euro-Atlantic accession process;

      Aware of the necessity to fulfil adhesion criteria at parliamentary and executive levels, both in the perspective of receiving Romania in the NATO and accelerating negotiations with the European Union;

      Considering the necessity to urge political and institutional reforms, continue the process of decentralisation, accelerate privatisation and develop infrastructure in all areas of the country;

      Aware of the existence, in Romania, of real conditions to finish and close the ample process of solutioning property issues, deliver ownership titles for land and forestry, restitution, in nature or by compensation, of nationalised real estates;

      Taking into account the common will of the parties to secure social stability by efficient protection and social solidarity measures;

      Estimating that the SDP-DAHR co-operation resulted in improved national majority-minority relations in Romania;

      Starting from the fact that minorities represent a cultural and spiritual asset for the entire country, considering that respecting and broadening minority rights does not restrict or infringe upon the rights of the Romanian majority, but secure equal opportunities to all citizens;

      Expressing the intention that their co-operation would contribute to an equitable and harmonious cohabitation of the various ethnicity of our country, as well as political isolation of extremist forces;

      Considering the intention of the signatory parties to preserve, express and develop the national identity of all national minorities in Romania, including the Hungarian community, according to Romanias Constitution, the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights, the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities, the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, the European Charter for Local Autonomy;

      Aware of the positive consequences on international level of the co-operation between the signatory parties, playing a significant role in eliminating visa obligations for Romanian citizens travelling in the Schengen area, as well as in accelerating Romanias accession process in NATO.


The Social Democratic Party and the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania express their firm intention to continue and develop their co-operation in 2002, for the purpose of accelerating economic reforms, stop poverty, fight corruption and criminality, respect human rights, increase efforts for NATO and EU accessions.


Therefore the Social Democratic Party and the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania are signing the following agreement on co-operation for the year 2002:




1.      SDP and DAHR, two political parties responsible for the countrys future, shall co-operate on a permanent basis on central leadership level, mutually informing each other on priority issues.

2.      The Signatories agree to their representatives participating, as invited guests, at national events of the two political parties.

3.      SDP and DAHR conclude to operatively inform each other concerning the analysis and decisions adopted by central executive bodies of the two political parties.

4.      The signatory parties shall organise on mutual accord exchanges, debates and symposiums on various subjects of the political, economical and social activities.

5.      SDP and DAHR commit to support, in their international relations, the fundamental interests of Romania, the governments policy on European and Euro-Atlantic accession, securing previous mutual information on specific issues.

6.      The signatory parties conclude to support, according to international regulations, the interests of the Romanians from abroad, especially of the Romanian community in Hungary.

7.      SDP and DAHR commit to grant special attention to the problems of the Romanian minority in the counties and localities where the ethnic Hungarians are in majority, taking action in favour of equal opportunities for all Romanian citizens.

8.      The two political parties shall continue to grant priority to the protection of national minorities, institutional and legislative development of their issues.

      The conditions to secure the right to freely express the preservation and development of ethnic identity shall continue to broaden for all Romanian citizens belonging to national minorities, in order to manifest themselves in areas of cultural, religious, educational, and public life.

      Special attention shall be granted to the issues of minority communities in the localities where their proportion is small compared to the majority population.

9.      SDP and DAHR shall take action to apply correctly the provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Prime-Ministers of Romania and Hungary on implementing the Law on the Status of Hungarians Abroad.

      On central level a monitoring committee on the application of the Memorandum shall be established, including representatives of DAHR.

10.  The Signatories request that their respective press offices organise, if necessity occurs, common press conferences or to publish mutually agreed upon communiqus to correctly and operatively inform the media and public opinion.





1.      SDP and DAHR request that their parliamentary groups from the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of Romania co-operate actively and permanently to adopt the normative acts of the legislative program which harmonize with the regulations of the European Union.

2.      The signatories establish that the leaders of the parliamentary groups and the members of the Standing Bureau of the two Houses the members of the SDP and the DAHR shall consult weekly or as often as necessary to establish priorities and coherent viewpoints concerning the draft laws under debate in the Parliament.

3.      The two political organizations request that the members of permanent committees especially the presidents, vice-presidents and secretaries of the committees of the two Houses of the Parliament ensure close and efficient co-operation in the debate, the drafting of reports and the operative adoption of draft normative acts.

4.      The leaders of the parliamentary groups of the SDP and the DAHR shall first exchange information and documents on different draft normative acts.

5.      The SDP and the DAHR ask the deputies and senators of the Delegation of the Parliament of Romania at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and of other international fora, as well as of the Parliamentary Friendship Groups to continuously co-operate in order to promote the interests of our country on international level.



1.         The SDP and the DAHR commit to support the executive in the application of the government program, the action plan for 2002 adopted by the Parliament of Romania, as well as the strategies of economic and social development on national, regional and local level.

2.         In the field of the acceleration of economic reform, the SDP and the DAHR shall take the necessary parliamentary and governmental measures to ensure sustained economic growth.

      The burden of taxation shall be analyzed and based on the governing program solutions will be found for its reduction.

      The rhythm of privatization of industrial and agricultural commercial companies shall be accelerated.

      The thorough restructuring of the energetic sector shall be launched.

      Measures shall be taken to reduce the existing financial blockage in economy.

      The possibility shall be analyzed that at the elaboration of the draft budget for 2003, a certain percentage of the tax on profit, in a degree acceptable to the Parliament, be oriented to support certain institutions, cultural, educational, denominational and charity activities, sports associations.

      In order to accede to different programs, ensuring the financial resources shall support small and medium-sized enterprises.

      The two organizations shall support the establishment of the Romanian Agency for Investment.

        Investments shall be supported paying special attention to foreign investments to attract foreign and domestic capital.

        Investments in housing shall be supported.

      Legislation in the field of commercial contracts shall be amended in order to strengthen the responsibility of the parties to the contract.

      The draft law on the organization and functioning of co-operatives shall be finalized. (June 30, 2002)


3.         The signatories shall take measures to finalize the restitution process of property.

      Based on a national program, the issuing of possession papers shall end in general, for land and forest stock until December 31, 2002.

      The Chamber of Deputies shall adopt Government Emergency Act No.102/2001 under its form adopted in the Senate until February 28, 2002. Restitution by putting into possession and the issuing of ownership titles shall be accelerated.

      In the case of real estates and movable property of churches, of associations and organizations including those of national minorities, the Government shall submit to the Parliament the draft Law on restitution until April 30, 2002, and the Parliament shall adopt the Law until September 30, 2002.

      The Law on compensations for real estates that cannot be returned in kind in compliance with the provisions of Law No. 10/2001 shall be adopted (June 30, 2002).

        The enacting clauses for the provisions of Law No. 10/2001 shall be revised (February 28, 2002).


4.         Concerning the decentralization of public administration, the Social Democrat Party and the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania shall take measures to continue the decentralization and demilitarization as follows:

      Sufficient financial resources shall be granted to local authorities in order that they are able to ensure the quality of services and the functioning of the institutions placed under the authority of county and local councils.

        The equitable financial support of public administrations shall be supported in areas also inhabited by national minorities. In this respect, the ministries shall support projects on infrastructure and other projects for these regions.

        The percent separated from the income tax designated for the financing of local councils shall continue to grow.

        In order to participate directly to the establishment of local resources, the possibility to collect income tax at the domicile of the taxpayer shall be analyzed.

        The percentage of sums deriving from income tax and other sources that remains at the level of local public authorities shall continue to grow through the Law on Budget.

      The application of the provisions of Law No. 213/1998 on public property and its legal situation concerning public and private patrimony of public administrations shall be finalized (June 30, 2002)

      Measures shall be taken to place public services for the registers of the population gradually under the authority of local public authorities in compliance with Law No. 308/2001 according to Government Edict of approval of the national program concerning the application of legal provisions (June 30, 2002)

        Emergency-related public service shall be placed under the authority of local authorities (September 30, 2002).

        Passport offices shall be placed under the authority of the prefectures until October 30, 2002.

      The application of the Law on Local Administration No. 215/2001 and its enacting clauses shall be monitored.

        Measures shall be taken for the application and observance of the provisions of Art. 38 par. u of Law No. 215/2001 on giving of or changing the names of streets, squares and public institutions.

        Decree-Law No.100/1990 shall be annulled (February 28, 2002).

        The jurisdiction of local public authorities concerning the giving of and changing the names of pre-university educational institutions from the respective administrative-territorial unit shall be established.

      The opportunity of establishing additional industrial parks shall be analyzed in counties also inhabited by national minorities.

      The establishment of development associations of public and private partnership system shall be ensured, in compliance with Law No. 215/2001 concerning the association of local public authorities and their right to allocate funds for initiating and accomplishing regional development programs for the benefit of the represented communities.


5.         The SDP and the DAHR shall grant special attention to social protection.

      Exigent measures shall be taken for the application of the measures of the Law on the minimum guaranteed income.

      The correct implementation of Law No. 189/2000 on the rights of persons persecuted for ethnic reasons. Therefore, the enacting clauses shall be finalized by February 28, 2002.

      The draft law on the rights of persons who serve in military work companies shall be adopted.

      The differentiated growth of pensions shall be ensured, giving priority to small pensions.

   Continuation of the process of recalculation of pensions to decrease the disequilibria accumulated during previous years.

   Establishing and payment of pensions in the shortest possible period after the submittal of the claim for pensioning.

      Creating advantageous loan conditions for young graduates to solve their housing problems.


6.         In the field of healthcare the SDP and the DAHR shall act exigently to apply the national strategies and programs to improve the actual state of health of the populations:

      A law shall be adopted on the organization and activity of hospitals that shall be placed under the authority of local authorities.

      The control of the correct and efficient use of the funds of the County House of Health Insurance shall be intensified.


7.         In educational field the SDP and the DAHR establish as follows:

      Maintenance and development of the institutional framework of education according to various specialties and levels of tuition primary, secondary and higher education

        Continuation of the process of decentralization, development of the institutional autonomy.

        Correlation of general educational objectives in compliance with the real demands of the labor market.

      In higher education:

        New faculties and departments with Hungarian language education shall be established at the "Babeş-Bolyai" University of Cluj-Napoca in compliance with the Educational Law in force.

        The possibility to establish the Hungarian language department of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Trgu Mureş shall be analyzed, also establishing the schooling figure.

        The possibility to establish groups that study in Hungarian language at the "Gheorghe Dima" Musical Academy of Cluj-Napoca, the Agronomical Institution of Cluj-Napoca and "Petru Maior" University of Trgu shall be analyzed, in compliance with the Law in force.

      Pre-university education:

        Within the framework of state education, according to art. 121 of the Educational Law and in the spirit of the specific recommendations of the Council of Europe, the study of the Hungarian language shall be studied depending on concrete and real demand.

        In denominational secondary schools the existing schooling figures for school year 2001-2002 shall be maintained in the following years as well.

        The opinion of specialists representing the interests of national minorities shall be also taken into consideration during the reorganization of the school network.

        The presence of specialists representing national minorities shall be ensured in the process of elaboration of regulations concerning the reform of education.

        The necessary financial support shall be granted from the Budget of the Ministry of Education and Research for the elaboration and editing of textbooks for education in the native languages of national minorities.


8.         In the audiovisual field the SDP and the DAHR agree as follows:

      The territorial television studio of Trgu Mureş broadcasting in Romanian and Hungarian languages shall be reestablished.

      The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology shall analyze and solution the development of the aerial network in order to interconnect the radio and television programs in Hungarian language as to increase their coherence and consistence both on national and on the local level.

      The development and coverage of the terrestrial broadcasting network of TVR2 shall be ensured in order to be picked up on the territory of the entire country.


9.         The SDP and the DAHR shall co-operate in other important fields such as:

      Measures shall be taken for a more consistent support of religious denominations concerning the construction of new churches and financial assistance, within the possibilities of the state, and the speedy restitution of real estates of religious denominations. The real estates included in Emergency Acts shall be put into the possession of the owners by April 30, 2002.

      The speedy establishment of institutional structures for the application of the Law for the elimination of all forms of discrimination, including the representatives of the Hungarian minority in its managing board. (February 28, 2002).

      The Institute for the Research of the Problems of National Minorities shall be established with a department for the problems of the Hungarians. (July 31, 2002)

      The European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages shall be ratified in an adequate form. (June 30, 2002)

      The Law on the Status of the Policemen shall include the provision existing in the Law on Public Servant, namely that in localities where the percentage of a national minority is over 20%, policemen speaking the language of the respective minority shall be employed.

      Measures shall be adopted for the use according to legal regulations of national symbols, and of the symbols of ethnic minorities. (February 28, 2002).

      The Law for the Protection of the Romanian Language shall be adopted by the Parliament under a form that also secures the protection of the languages of national minorities in Romania.

      Equitable financing of publishing houses and publications in the languages of national minorities, as well as of cultural events.

      The proportional representation of national minorities shall be secured in institutions on national, territorial and local level, including decision-making functions as well.




1.      Based on and in the spirit of the positive co-operation on national level between the SDP and the DAHR, the county chapters of the two organizations (where it is possible) shall conclude their own agreements for 2002 on county and local levels within 30 days.

      The agreements at county level shall be concluded only with the prior accord of the Committee for the Evaluation of the Agreement on national level.

2.      The SDP and the DAHR ask all their county chapters to have a fruitful cooperation on local level and the local and county councilors to adopt decisions in compliance with the legislation in force and the interests of the taxpayers of the respective localities.

3.      The SDP and the DAHR ask local authorities to adopt measures to:

      Establish priorities to renovate historical monuments that represent important values of the Hungarian culture in Romania.

      The Braşov chapter of the SDP and the DAHR shall co-operate to assign a building site or to find a building in order to solve the functioning problems of the "prily Lajos" Secondary School.

      The Mureş chapter of the SDP and the DAHR shall co-operate as to revert the "Bolyai Farkas" Secondary School to a secondary school with tuition in Hungarian language.

      The problem of the Liberty Statuary Group from Arad shall be solved in compliance with the agreement signed by the mixed governmental commissions and the Memorandum signed by the Prime Ministers of Romania and Hungary.

4.      The leaderships of the SDP and the DAHR on county level are obliged to meet, usually weekly, together with the administrative leaderships and the MPs of the respective counties to analyze and establish the priorities of the counties.

5.      The Signatories shall ask their county chapters to involve themselves seriously to determine the local councils and town halls to fulfil their tasks according to their mandate, to ensure the rapprochement of the administration towards the citizen to increase the quality and efficiency of public services of the taxpayers.



1. The SDP and the DAHR decide to set up a Committee on Evaluation of the Agreement formed of five representatives of each political organization.

      The Committee for the Evaluation of the Agreement chaired by two co-chairmen shall usually meet weekly and debate problems concerning the fulfillment of the goals included in the present Agreement.

      On the occasion of the analysis of co-operation on local level, the representatives of the respective territorial organizations shall also be invited.

2.      The Committee for Evaluation shall inform monthly the executive leaderships of the SDP and DAHR on the state and the manner to solution the goals included in the Agreement

3.      Committees of evaluation shall be established at the level of those counties in which the local chapters of the SDP and the DAHR sign an agreement.

4.      The Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania shall continue to support all the parliamentary and governmental measures taken to accelerate Romanias accession to the European Union and NATO.

5.      The Social Democrat Party commits to previously consult DAHR in all the important matters of domestic and foreign policy.

6.      In case the conditions of the present Agreement are respected, the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania will abstain from initiating or supporting motions of no support against the government.

7.      The Signatories shall analyze, at the level of the leaderships of the two political organizations, the goals included in the Agreement based on the report presented by the Committee of Evaluation and establish the necessary measures.


Concluded in Bucharest, on January 29, 2002.





Adrian Năstase Bla Mark

Chairman             Chairman