Miris document ID: 1131632070359
Author: European Court of Human Rights
Language: English
Source: European Court of Human Rights
Country: Romania
Category: judgment/decision
Government level: International
Guiding principle: The Court took note of the agreement reached between 18 applicants and the Romanian Government that undertook to pay them sums ranking between 11,000 and 23,000 Euros as material and moral compensations. Also the Court decided to sever the applications of the seven applicants who did not wish to reach the agreement. It decided to adjourn for a separate examination on the merits the complaints introduced by these seven applicants.
Date of judgement: 2005-7-5
Document number: 41138/98 and 64320/01
Official version: yes
Legally binding: yes
Subject areas: non-discrimination; identity; fair trial; administrative authorities
Minority groups: Roma/Gypsies
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