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Decision of the Constitutional Court concerning the constitutionality of several provisions of Law no. 100-XV of April 26, 2001 ¿Concerning civil status documents¿ and of the Law no. 382-XV of July 19, 2001 ¿Concerning the rights of persons belonging to the national minorities and the legal status of the organizations thereof¿
Author: The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova
Language: English
Translates: original document
Source: MIRIS
Country: Moldova
Category: judgment/decision
Government level: National - State Level
Guiding principle: The Court ruled that the provisions regarding the education in minorities¿ languages are constitutional, as well as those regarding the publishing of the normative/administrative documents in a minority language. The judges decided also that the provisions regarding the use of Russian toponyms, street names and public institutions firms and the use of Russian language in the civil-status records issued by authorities are unconstitutional.
Date of judgement: 2002-5-30
Document number: 28
Official version: no
Published on: Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova
Edition number: 75/13.06.2002
Legally binding: yes
Subject areas: administrative authorities; administrative boundaries; education; identity; language; names; non-discrimination; official language; public use of language; toponyms
Minority groups: all
Related laws: Constitution of Republic of Moldova; Law on civil-status records no. 100-XV of 26 April 2001; Law on the rights of persons belonging to national minorities and the juridical status of their organizations no. 382-XV of 19 July 2001

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