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DECISION No. 7 of June 4, 1996 on the motion by the President of the Republic of Bulgaria asking for binding interpretation of the provisions of Articles 39, 40 and 41 of the Constitution
Author: Constitutional Court of Bulgaria
Language: English
Source: Constitutional Court of Bulgaria
Country: Bulgaria
Category: judgment/decision
Government level: National - State Level
Guiding principle: The Court declared that Articles 39, 40 and 41 of the Constitution proclaim as the individual's fundamental rights the right to freely express and publicise opinion and the right to seek, obtain and disseminate information. The restriction on statements that appeal to fan up hatred derives from the Constitution-honoured values like tolerance, mutual respect and the ban to preach hatred on a racial, national, ethnic or religious basis.
Date of judgement: 1996-6-4
Document number: 7
Official version: yes
Published on: 1049462444934
Edition number: 55
Legally binding: yes
Subject areas: freedom of opinion; identity; media; non-discrimination; religion
Minority groups: all
Related laws: Constitution of Bulgaria

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