Miris document ID: 1047996461744
¿¿¿¿µ¿¿ ¿p¿f¿se¿¿ 11263/2001
Author: Athens Court of the First Instance
Language: Greek
Source: Greek Helsinki Monitor
Country: Greece
Category: judgment/decision
Government level: National - State Level
Guiding principle: The Court ruled that the reference to the speaking of languages other than Greek constitutes a criminal offence under the Greek Penal Code. Mr. Bletsas was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment and a fine of 500,000 drachmas because he distributed an English-language publication from the European Bureau of Lesser Used Languages (EBLUL), which, among other things, stated that in certain regions of Greece five other languages are spoken in addition to Greek
Date of judgement: 2001-2-2
Document number: 11263/2001
Official version: yes
Legally binding: yes
Subject areas: administrative authorities; administrative boundaries; culture; demography; education; freedom of assembly; freedom of association; freedom of opinion; identity; language; media; official language; public use of language; right of association
Minority groups: Aromanians/Vlachs
Related laws: Penal Code

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