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Decision of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Macedonia 141/97
Author: Constitutional Court of the Republic of Macedonia
Language: English
Source: The Centre for European Constitutional Law
Country: Macedonia
Category: judgment/decision
Government level: National - State Level
Guiding principle: The use of flag of kin state by inhabitants belong to nationality is not one of the constitutionally determined ways through which they have the right to express, foster and develop their identity and national characteristics. The state flag belongs to all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, including those who belong to nationality.The official journey of the President of the Republic in state interests does not mean his/her inability in performing his/her office, which would empowered the President of the Assembly to replace him/her.
Date of judgement: 1998-10-18
Document number: U.br. 141/97
Official version: no
Legally binding: yes
Minority groups: all
Related laws: Law on use of flags; Art. 75.1. from the Constitution

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