Miris document ID: 1044357955815
Decision of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Macedonia 2/97
Author: Constitutional Court of the Republic of Macedonia
Language: English
Source: The Centre for European Constitutional Law
Country: Macedonia
Category: judgment/decision
Government level: National - State Level
Guiding principle: Any citizen, on reaching 18 years, acquires the right to vote and to be elected unless they have been deprived of civil capacity (Article 22 of the Constitution).The laws governing electoral procedure cannot prescribe limitations on electoral rights which extend the limitations already envisaged by the Constitution, i.e. they cannot prescribe limitation on the right to be elected for a certain category of citizens.
Document number: U.br.2/97
Official version: no
Legally binding: yes
Subject areas: right to vote
Minority groups: all
Related laws: Article 22 of the Constitution; Article 5.3 of the Law on Local Elections

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