Miris document ID: 1043763913201
Hajrizi Dzemajl et al. v. the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Author: Committee Against Torture, UNHCHR
Language: English
Source: United Nations Human Rights Websites
Country: Serbia
Category: judgment/decision
Government level: International
Guiding principle: Decision under article 22, paragraph 7, of the Convention:1.1 The complainants are 65 persons, all of Romani origin and nationals of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. They claim that Yugoslavia has violated articles 1, paragraph 1, 2, paragraph 1, 12, 13, 14 and 16, paragraph 1, of the Convention. They are represented by Mr. Dragan Prelevic, attorney at law, the Humanitarian Law Center, an NGO based in Yugoslavia, and the European Roma Rights Center, an NGO based in Hungary. 1.2 In accordance with article 22, paragraph 3 of the Convention, the Committee transmitted the complaint to the State party on 13 April 2000.
Date of judgement: 2002-11-21
Document number: CAT/C/29/D/161/2000
Official version: yes
Legally binding: no
Minority groups: all

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