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Oiguskantsleri poolt pohiseaduse § 142 lg.2 korras esitatud ettepaneku, tunnistada Narva Linnavolikogu 1993.a. 28. juuni otsus nr. 15/163 "Suhtumisest vAlismaalaste seadusesse" kehtetuks, läbivaatamine.
Author: National Court
Language: English
Source: The Supreme Court of Estonia
Country: Estonia
Category: judgment/decision
Government level: National - State Level
Guiding principle: On June 28, l993, the Narva City Council passed a resolution no. l5/l63, entitled "Regarding the Position on the Foreigners Act" in which determined that the Foreigners Act, and other earlier adopted laws (Language Act, Citizenship Act, Elections to the National Assembly and to Local Government Councils Act, Schools and High Schools Act), as well as the establishment of a visa regime were discriminatory to most of the electors of the Council. The City Council decided to conduct a referendum (plebiscite) in Narva on the l6th and l7thof July, 1993, posing the following question: "Do you want Narva to have a status of national-territorial autonomy within the Republic of Estonia?" The Constitutional Review Chamber has decided to affirm the Legal Chancellor of the Republic of Estonia in his petition no. l of July 20, l993, and to declare the resolution of the Narva City Council entitled "Regarding the Position on the Foreigners Act", null and void in its entirety.
Date of judgement: 1993-8-11
Document number: III-/A-2
Official version: yes
Legally binding: yes
Minority groups: all

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