Miris document ID: 1017247043471
Ferris, In the Matter of (Judgment of Kerr)
Author: High Court of Justice of Northern Ireland
Language: English
Source: Casetrack
Country: United Kingdom
Category: judgment/decision
Government level: Regional
Guiding principle: compulsory nature of Gaelic teaching in schools - judicial review - education policy - scope of Northern Ireland Act 1998 in education matters - scope of Northern Ireland subordinate legislation in matters of compulsory language teaching
Date of judgement: 2001-6-27
Document number: [2001] NIEHC 50 (27th June, 2001)
Official version: yes
Edition number: [2001] NIEHC 50 (27th June, 2001)
Legally binding: yes
Subject areas: language; education
Minority groups: Gaelic; British
Related laws: Northern Ireland Act 1998

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