Miris document ID: 1017240762312
British Airways Plc v Boyce
Author: Scottish Court of Session
Language: English
Source: Scottish Court of Session
Country: United Kingdom
Category: judgment/decision
Government level: Regional
Guiding principle: Race Relations Act 1976, s3(1) - discrimination on "racial grounds" - procedural - employment tribunal and EAT refused claim on "ethnic origins" claim - subseqent claim based on "national origins" - second claim resisted on res judicata grounds - EAT concluded it to be media concludendi - this court disagrees - complaints both the same under RRA - all possible remedies and legal arguments to be relevant to unfair or unjustified dismissal ought to be brought before employment tribunals - doctrine of res judicata may apply differently in Scotland than in England - but res judicata can apply in administrative tribunals generally. Appeal allowed - application dismissed- subsidiary ground of appeal unfounded
Date of judgement: 2000-12-7
Official version: no
Edition number: 0/45/17/99
Legally binding: yes
Subject areas: non-discrimination; culture; identity
Minority groups: Scots; British
Related laws: Race Relations Act 1976

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