Miris document ID: 1017240407923
BBC Scotland v Mark Douglas Souster
Author: Scottish Court of Session
Language: English
Source: Scottish Court of Session
Country: United Kingdom
Category: judgment/decision
Government level: Regional
Guiding principle: Less favourable treatment on grounds of national origin (English not Scottish) - definition of "national origin" - test for "ethnic group" distinct from "racial group" - Appeal under s37 Employment Tribunals Act - interpretation and application of Race Relations Act 1976 - journalist respondent was BBC Scotland "Rugby Special" presenter until November 1997 - contract not renewed - Scottish woman instead appointed - respondent complained to Employment Tribunal under Race Relations Act 1976 - Employment Appeal Tribunal had upheld tribunal decision that journalist was entitled to bring race discrimination action - Both lower cases upheld, appeal refused and case remitted to EAT
Date of judgement: 2000-12-7
Official version: no
Edition number: 019/18(16)/99
Legally binding: yes
Subject areas: non-discrimination; culture; identity; media
Minority groups: Scots; British
Related laws: Race Relations Act 1976

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