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Del Lietuvos Respublikos Auk┬┐ciausiosiosTarybos 1991m. sausio 31d. nutarimo "Del vardu ir pavard┬┐iu ra┬┐ymo Lietuvos Respublikos piliecio pase" atitikimo Lietuvos Respublikos Konstitucijai
Author: The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania
Language: Lithuanian
Source: Constitutional Court
Country: Lithuania
Category: judgment/decision
Government level: National - State Level
Guiding principle: The Constitutional Court emphasized that the constitutional status of the state language means that Lithuanian is compulsory only in the public life of Lithuania. Taking account of the fact that the passport of the citizen of the Republic of Lithuania is an official document certifying a permanent legal link between an individual and the state, i.e. the citizenship of an individual, and the fact that citizenship relations belong to the sphere of public life of the state, the Constitutional Court stated that the name and family name of an individual must be written in the state language. The Constitutional Court has passed the following ruling: to recognize thatItem 2 of the 31 January 1991 Supreme Council of the Republic of Lithuania Resolution "On Writing of Names and Family Names in Passports of Citizens of the Republic of Lithuania" is in compliance with the Constitution of theRepublic of Lithuania.
Date of judgement: 1999-10-21
Official version: yes
Legally binding: yes
Minority groups: all

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