Miris document ID: 1005491808295
Citizenship Loss
Author: Constitutional Court
Language: English
Source: Constitutional Court
Country: Czech Republic
Category: judgment/decision
Government level: National - State Level
Guiding principle: It can be said that the legal framework for the termination of the state citizenship of the Czech Republic is fully in accordance with the trend in contemporary modern democratic Europe. In this regard, the 6 May 1963 Agreement on limiting instances of multiple citizenship and on services in the armed forces in case of multiple citizenship, of 6 May 1963, is significant. Art. 1 para. 1 of that Agreement states that adult citizens of a signatory state who, by means either of a manifestation of their own free will, naturalization, election or re-acquisition, acquire the citizenship of another signatory state, shall lose their previous citizenship. They are not entitled to retain their previous state citizenship. An analogous framework also applies to minors. The idea of strengthening the institution of exclusive (sole) citizenship is thenpursued by Art. 3 of the agreement, which states that no provision ofthe Agreement bars the application of any provisions which could restrict even further the creation of multiple citizenship, whether it was included or subsequently implemented in the legal framework of any signatory state or in any agreement, convention, or treaty concluded between two or more signatory states.
Date of judgement: 1995-11-8
Document number: Pl. US 5/95
Official version: no
Edition number: Pl. US 5/95
Legally binding: yes
Subject areas: identity
Minority groups: Slovaks
Related laws: Act No. 40/1993

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